1st Birthday Party!

by Jeanette Maynes

This weekend it was off to Brisbane for some more Salsa and we took some friends who were keen to see what all the hype was about!!! 

Friday night we arrived at the Salsa dancing at the end of Queen St Mall about 8.30pm. Apparently if we were there at 8pm there is a free warm up dance class that attracts up to 200 people focusing on Salsa, Merengue and Cha cha cha so that’s a definite to remember for next trip.

It was the 1st Birthday for the Salsa in Brisbane as the event has now been running very successfully for a year. The brains behind the event are Glen who runs Oxford St Salsa Dance Studio and Raphael a very talented DJ.

Glen told me that the pair originally started the event at South Bank six years ago and after a year off moved the event to the current location. They are the only place that does an open air Salsa event in Australia, that’s all free plus they also have 100% support from Brisbane council.

Raphael made a short speech and presentation on stage to Glen in thanks as part of the celebrations. The conga and bongo drummer on stage really enhanced the atmosphere with his lively drumming!

There was a captivating performance by ‘Danny & Miriam’ (I think this was their names) who definitely had the moves and I must say a pretty foxy costume! There must have been at least 500 people in the crowd watching this pair go off!

I’d personally like to thank Glen and Raphael for the fun time we have when in Brisbane. It’s nice to know there is somewhere you can go and are assured a great time, every time!!! Oh and thanks heaps for the lesson on doing dips Glen!

Our night of dancing finished up at 2.30am at the Treasury Casino once again!

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