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By Jeanette Maynes

Last Wednesday I went to Casablanca’s in Brisbane for the CASA DE SALSA END OF YEAR BLITZ Party… bringing 2010 to a close with a night of industrial strength SALSA, ZOUK + BACHATA, with a Free Salsa class 8.20-9, taught to us by the lovely Georgia: SOCIAL DANCING was from 9 – LATE, with some of the hottest tracks this side of Puerto Rico…!

My friend and I had a ball!

WHAT’S ON BRISBANE:  At CASA DE SALSA FACEBOOK GROUP you can get notifications of Brisbane mid week parties – CDS has a pretty big following (1000 plus).
They have parties on alternate Wednesdays at Casablanca (to keep it fresh)

Gold Coast Salsa Weekend

Standard post by on May 10, 2009

ladyBy Jeanette Maynes

Friday night my friend Naomi & I booked into Jupiter’s Casino to watch Lady Salsa!!! What a sensational, electric & high energy performance. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and even went up on stage and did some Salsa! The show is a must see!

Shake your maracas and shimmy on down for the sauciest stage show in Jupiters’ history.
Hit the steamy streets of Havana and take a dip in the red hot world of Rumba, Mambo and Salsa for the dancing revolution that changed the world.
Lady Salsa is a stunning dance spectacular that charts Cuba’s vibrant and amazing history through the music and rhythm of this intoxicating island.
This whirling kaleidoscope of dazzling colour and seductive glamour features the red-hot rumba, mambo, cha-cha-cha and the sensational salsa. Gorgeous dancers in an incredible array of glittering, sexy costumes and an impossibly funky band, transport you to the steamy streets of Havana and the world of Salsa, rum and revolutions.

jean-lucSaturday it was off to DouDouLe Latin Dance Camp 2009 for a full day of dance workshops plus a party and some amazing performances!!! This camp is organized by Jean-Luc Lambs whom I met and found to be an extremely pleasant, professional and helpful person. The thank you speech at the end of the night seemed to sum up his personality with the comment, “Heart of Gold!” What Jean-Luc is doing for the Australian Latin Dance Community is sensational and even with all the pressure of organising such a huge event he displayed no signs of stress. The 368 Latin enthusiasts in attendance had the choice of over 20 different Latin workshops in a range of levels throughout the day, followed by a huge party with the Sauciest & Hottest Latin Dancing I have ever come across.

The Party included performances from some of Australia’s most famous and talented Latin Dancers. It was an amazing experience to be part of such a huge Latin dance event and to feel the electric energy run through your body. I can’t wait for next year’s camp!!!

ludaSaturday Nights Performers: 
1.     Jaime Jesus & Mary (Jaime organises the Sydney Salsa Congress)
2.    Latin Motion Rising stars
3.    Kevin & Chelsea
4.    Carlos & Elli (Australian Salsa Cabaret Champions)
5.    Csaba & Val
6.    Kadu & Larissa (who made Zouk famous in Australia)
7.    CDA Samba
8.    Modus Vivendi
9.     Oliver Pineda & Luda Kroitor  (the current 5 times World Salsa Champions from ‘Dancing With The Stars’)


Right on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast….DouDouLe Latin Dance Camp was founded in 2008 by Jean-Luc Lambs , who is also the Organiser for Brisbane Number 1 Latin Club “Casablanca Sunday Salsa Seduction”. Jean-Luc is also the Official MC to many Latin Parties, Festivals , Congresses and Concerts around Australia and has built himself a reputation for being partly involved in bringing the Latin Community together in his home town Brisbane.

DouDouLe Latin Dance Camp is designed to bring all Latin Dancers from different schools and cities under 1 roof, in a different setting and environment to your Dance Halls. A relaxed, Holiday environment makes this Latin Event one of its kind and it’s right on the Beaches of the Famous Gold Coast. His ideas of everyone together under 1 roof is to bring Unity and Love and also bring Dancers closer together by sharing more personal time together and the Passion that everybody brings with them , which is Latin Dance. For more information please click here .


[Info via Jupiters Casino & DouDouLe Latin Dance Camp]

Saturday Night Live Salsa!

Standard post by on November 2, 2008
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by Jeanette Maynes

At 7pm on Saturday we headed over to Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy Studio One at 126 Boundary Rd West End, Brisbane. The night started with a lesson that went for roughly an hour and a half. We learnt four different basic steps that we could do with a partner.

Tarcisio our instructor on the night was very amusing and has a fun and professional teaching style. His passion captivates the students and makes you feel comfortable you are in the right place to learn.

The philosophy for the night was Steps, Style, how to Dance and how to Party. We mastered 3 of these but the Style will take a lot more fine tuning with practice. Once again we rotated and practiced with several partners which is always interesting to dance with different people.

Tarcisio touched on how dancing is about the music first and connecting in time with whoever your partner is every single dance. You must focus on the dance, music and express two as one with movement. If one person is showing off they are dancing as one with two which is not what the dance is about. Conversation is for after your dance not during it.

He also mentioned to us ladies that if you are social environment dance at a distance that is comfortable for you. If your partner tries to draw you in closer and he is not a huggable sort of person don’t be afraid to stop the dance and move elsewhere.

It was amazing to watch Tarcisio lead and turn a lady and himself in any direction effortlessly with just one finger!!!

At the end of the lesson we watched a performance by two of his students that were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary that day. They were fantastic dancers! After this we went into a social dance to practice what we had learnt and what we already know.

Joao on the door was kind enough to obtain permission for me to take a couple of photographs. There looked like well over 120 dancers. Joao also mentioned he has a 5 piece Brazillian band and is the lead singer; I would definitely like to hear them play. I’m hoping their performance times will be available on the Rio Rhythmics website?

1st Birthday Party!

Standard post by on November 2, 2008
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by Jeanette Maynes

This weekend it was off to Brisbane for some more Salsa and we took some friends who were keen to see what all the hype was about!!! 

Friday night we arrived at the Salsa dancing at the end of Queen St Mall about 8.30pm. Apparently if we were there at 8pm there is a free warm up dance class that attracts up to 200 people focusing on Salsa, Merengue and Cha cha cha so that’s a definite to remember for next trip.

It was the 1st Birthday for the Salsa in Brisbane as the event has now been running very successfully for a year. The brains behind the event are Glen who runs Oxford St Salsa Dance Studio and Raphael a very talented DJ.

Glen told me that the pair originally started the event at South Bank six years ago and after a year off moved the event to the current location. They are the only place that does an open air Salsa event in Australia, that’s all free plus they also have 100% support from Brisbane council.

Raphael made a short speech and presentation on stage to Glen in thanks as part of the celebrations. The conga and bongo drummer on stage really enhanced the atmosphere with his lively drumming!

There was a captivating performance by ‘Danny & Miriam’ (I think this was their names) who definitely had the moves and I must say a pretty foxy costume! There must have been at least 500 people in the crowd watching this pair go off!

I’d personally like to thank Glen and Raphael for the fun time we have when in Brisbane. It’s nice to know there is somewhere you can go and are assured a great time, every time!!! Oh and thanks heaps for the lesson on doing dips Glen!

Our night of dancing finished up at 2.30am at the Treasury Casino once again!

Please click on images to view larger size.  

6 hours + of nonstop dancing!

Standard post by on October 11, 2008
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By Jeanette Maynes


Naomi and I decided to meet up in Brisbane last night for a serious dance off.

The night started at 6pm with an authentic Cuban style Cha cha cha lesson at West End with Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy. We were really excited about learning from one of the best instructors in Australia!


When Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco founded Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy in 1994, he was drawing on over 20 years of experience as a dance teacher, performer, choreographer and percussionist. A dance graduate of the University of Physical Education in Goiania, Brazil, Tarcisio has also independently completed hundreds of hours of study in many styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and modern dance, as well as Latin dance. He is also a Master of Capoeira… here to learn more…

The class was great fun; we were welcome to join in even though we had missed the first lesson and we were rotated and danced with several experienced partners which was fantastic as this was our first ever Cha cha cha lesson. We learnt heaps!

After our lesson we headed to Milano my favourite restaurant in the Queen St Mall and had a delicious meal and some beverages.

At 9pm we were off for some Salsa & Merengue dancing opposite the Treasury Casino in Brisbane Square, Reddacliff Place. We listened to the Latino music from the experience DJ Rafael. Rafael mentioned that on the 31st of October it will be one year since the dancing started at that venue. Hundreds of people turned up and it really is a fun environment to learn, watch, mix and dance with all different people. This dancing is FREE every Friday in Brisbane so if you’re in town it’s a definite must.

11pm it was over to the Treasury Casino to get down to the 9 piece band that were absolutely sensational! With a few more beverages we took over the dance floor till well after 2am!

[Image via Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy.]