More Salsa!!!

by Jeanette Maynes

Well I was considering staying in last night but when my friend Rob Messenger State MP for Burnett telephoned to say he was in town and would like to catch up after he had finished his political business we decided a fun time to unwind would be at the Latino Social Groups Dance and Social Night (1st Friday of every month at Soul-Sa Restaurant on the Esplanade).  My friend Kay decided to join us and off we went to meet up with the Latino Group.

Rob was welcomed by Brian and the group members and immediately fitted right in. After some initial coaxing Rob participated in a group Salsa lesson led by Leonie and picked up the moves quite quickly stating that the dancing was;

“Great in the alley way….it’s not threatening for beginners”.

Kay being the dance enthusiast she is was snapped strapping her knee up in an attempt to achieve maximum dance performance!

Soul-Sa Restaurant owners Robyn and Steve did a wonderful job as per usual and are always a delight to chat with.

Thanks Rob, Kay, Soul-Sa and the Latino Group for as per usual a FUN night out!

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Title: More Salsa!!!
Date Posted: September 6, 2008
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  1. Gravatar of Brian Killeen who made comment number 13 Brian Killeen says:

    Thanks for your help, you are doing a great job,I’m gald you could make it. If we persist I’m sure we can get Salsa dancing happening in Hervey Bay sooner or later.

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