Saturday Night Live Salsa!

by Jeanette Maynes

At 7pm on Saturday we headed over to Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy Studio One at 126 Boundary Rd West End, Brisbane. The night started with a lesson that went for roughly an hour and a half. We learnt four different basic steps that we could do with a partner.

Tarcisio our instructor on the night was very amusing and has a fun and professional teaching style. His passion captivates the students and makes you feel comfortable you are in the right place to learn.

The philosophy for the night was Steps, Style, how to Dance and how to Party. We mastered 3 of these but the Style will take a lot more fine tuning with practice. Once again we rotated and practiced with several partners which is always interesting to dance with different people.

Tarcisio touched on how dancing is about the music first and connecting in time with whoever your partner is every single dance. You must focus on the dance, music and express two as one with movement. If one person is showing off they are dancing as one with two which is not what the dance is about. Conversation is for after your dance not during it.

He also mentioned to us ladies that if you are social environment dance at a distance that is comfortable for you. If your partner tries to draw you in closer and he is not a huggable sort of person don’t be afraid to stop the dance and move elsewhere.

It was amazing to watch Tarcisio lead and turn a lady and himself in any direction effortlessly with just one finger!!!

At the end of the lesson we watched a performance by two of his students that were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary that day. They were fantastic dancers! After this we went into a social dance to practice what we had learnt and what we already know.

Joao on the door was kind enough to obtain permission for me to take a couple of photographs. There looked like well over 120 dancers. Joao also mentioned he has a 5 piece Brazillian band and is the lead singer; I would definitely like to hear them play. I’m hoping their performance times will be available on the Rio Rhythmics website?

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Title: Saturday Night Live Salsa!
Date Posted: November 2, 2008
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